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3 Tech Companies Set On Helping You Maintain Productivity

October 24, 2022

As we head into the final few months of 2022, billing cycles are slowing down and Christmas parties are amping up.

It’s natural to feel a slight slip in your productivity or an increase in your distractibility. If this is the case, how do we go about ensuring we maintain a decent level of productivity and tick off all our Q4 goals?

Well, these three companies have made it their mission to not let you drop the ball before you turn your out-of-office on for Christmas!

‘Focus’ on me

It's no secret that Apple products are revolutionary. In a survey done by TechRadar, they found that 97% of people who switched to Mac products felt more productive than on previous devices.

As we’ve spoken about before in previous blog posts, one of the many ways Apple help with productivity is their ‘Focus’ feature. ‘Focus’ is a feature that aids in minimising distraction and encouraging boundaries. 

The customisation is endless, with the ability to mute all notifications, except for a particular person or specific app, all the way down to completely changing your home screen to remove tempting apps that drain productivity like TikTok or Reddit. Having Apple’s ‘Focus’ feature set up is, in a world driven by our phones, a key way to reduce the amount of time you spend picking up your phone harmlessly to check a message and getting distracted scrolling.

Entering A ‘Hive’ Mind

This isn’t as odd as it sounds, we promise. Hive is one of the best productivity tools on the market, having just made it onto Capterras Top 9 Project Management Platforms in the world!

Hive is a platform, available on desktop and mobile, that enables teams to work collaboratively and improve productivity throughout the day. Creating to-do lists, collaborating on schedules and having visual evidence of project progression are just a few of Hive’s ingenious ways to maintain output levels.

Similar to Apple's ‘Focus’ setting, the level of customisation on Hive is a big win in terms of productivity. Whether you are a visual learner or prefer to learn via reading, you can personalise how each project is shown to you, with all updates being reflected across any and all project views so each team member stays informed. From Gantt Charts to Kanban Boards, Hive prioritises individuality in productivity management.

Plant A ‘Forest’, Just By Working

In just one century, half of the world's rainforests have been cut down. What if we told you that you can help replant those simply by getting on with your work?

Forest is a mobile app designed to curb phone addiction and improve productivity. Whenever you want to be productive, simply open the app and plant a tree, if you leave the app at any point, your tree will wilt and die. Forest encourages users to build forests within their app and rewards productivity with different species of trees and even offers background sounds proven to improve relaxation and productivity.

But how does this help worldwide deforestation? Forest partners with Trees For The Future, an organisation that trains worldwide communities on how to use land sustainably and grow a healthier planet. For every tree you grow in Forest, you earn coins, by redeeming those coins, you plant trees in real life. Together, Forest and Trees For The Future have planted over 2 million trees. That's a pretty cool bonus to having a productive workday if you ask me.

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