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How Tech Industries Have Influenced Remote Working

October 10, 2022

Since January 2020, we have seen an increase of 81% in workplaces becoming fully remote. With the rise in demand for remote roles, tech companies are changing how the workforce transitions into working from home.

We have always been remote first at Ortus Talent and because of how online workflow and communication tech has been revolutionised, we are able to continuously be a succinct and cohesive team.

At the beginning of 2022, Airbnb announced that they were launching a brand new “hybrid working” policy and their CEO Brian Chesky is encouraging his team to take full advantage of their new “live anywhere, work anywhere” motto. Chesky himself is leading the charge of Airbnb’s new policy, having already visited over a dozen US cities in the first six months of this year and with no plans to slow down his digital nomadic lifestyle.

Their policy states ‘You can work from home or the office - whatever works best for you’. This new policy is supported by data Airbnb discovered post-pandemic, they found after going fully remote at the beginning of 2020, according to Chesky, led to "the most productive two-year period in our company's history”.

Being in a remote team means you can’t just wander down the hallway to ask your co-worker a question. Working remotely only works if we have the technology to do so and applications such as Slack can help solidify that feeling of ‘team-work’, even when you aren’t sitting in neighbouring cubicles.

With over 12 million daily users, Slack enables workplaces to have open streams of communication no matter where each team member is based. By being able to integrate with over 4,000 apps, the limit to maintaining productivity when using Slack is endless. 

Being able to integrate with businesses that you work with, something we like to do here at Ortus with our clients is just one of the amazing features Slack offers to aid in maintaining the sense of community from your own home. With around 87% of Slack users admitting that the platform has improved workflow, technology like this is remodelling the ease of remote or hybrid working for team members every day.

Tech companies are firmly leading the charge in easing the transition from office to the kitchen counter and like Airbnb taking the plunge and offering their team the ability to work from anywhere.

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