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Why September Is A Second Shot At A Brand New Year

September 5, 2022

In the Northern Hemisphere, September is a second shot at a brand new year, a fresh start or the beginning of something new. Whether it's starting at a new school or coming back from a summer holiday ready to dive into a new challenge, September is the perfect time to grow your team and expand in new directions in preparation for the year's final quarter. We are experts when it comes to hiring, and fresh starts for that matter, so we’ve got you covered on why September is the perfect time to hire 🎉

Often deemed as the “golden time”* in recruiting, September is seen commonly as the month to hunker down, re-establish goals and get set for that final 3-month push into the new year. Hiring in September gives you the best chance not only to acquire an eager, ready-to-evolve candidate but have them fully onboarded and ready to kick some tail in the new year.

Although it is natural to think “why hire when so many other companies are too” or “I'm not willing to compete for candidates”, the beginning of Autumn is the best time to maximise all the resources available to you. Between targeted ads on Linkedin and working with a recruitment agency like Ortus, September sees the second highest number of jobs placed and interviews attended*, meaning although there are more jobs on offer, there are even more fantastic candidates ready to give their all to a fresh start!

Now is the time to monopolise on all the ambitious applicants available before interest trickles off around the winter months as people are often more focused on completing goals before, dare I say it, Christmas break.

So if you are looking to expand your organisation and go into the final quarter with a 10/10, eager to achieve team, September is the best time to hire, and Ortus is ready to guide you along your campaign to successful recruitment.

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