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Scaling Up With Ortus Talent Featuring Revolut’s Jessica Longley

November 22, 2022

This week we launched our brand new podcast “Scaling Up With Ortus Talent”.

After months of work behind the scenes, and nearly 10 pre-recorded episodes, we wanted to share something that would help people in all stages of their technology careers. And who better to hear it from than people who have done it themselves?

We speak fortnightly with revenue leaders from fast-growth technology scale-ups about challenges they've faced scaling teams and lessons learnt along the way. Topics discussed include diversity in the workplace, the hardest career pills to swallow and their biggest inspirations during their career journey. As well as the odd fun question like who would play you in a film?

Starting off with a bang, we speak with Jessica Longley, the New Bets Senior Partnerships Manager at Revolut. Jess spoke at length about the perfectionism challenges she has faced and how to have the confidence to be heard, even if that starts with one sentence every meeting.

Starting her career at Amazon and transitioning into fintech, Jess deep dives into how Revolut is making changes to improve diversity in the workplace and how she can help young women feel they have a place in the tech world.

So whether you are a fresh face in the tech world and looking for advice or are keen to know the secrets to fintech success, you definitely do not want to miss this one!

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