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Hiring a "Career-Changer" Isn't A Risk, It's A Reward

September 12, 2022

On average it is estimated that most people have 12 jobs in their life, meaning we are long past the days of choosing our career at 18 and sticking with it until retirement. The world around us is forever changing and we are learning to change with it, even if now the term “dream job” relates more to a moment in your life and not 50 years of walking through the same revolving door.

While it can be intimidating for someone to leave what they know and go into something new, you might be surprised how many skills are actually transferable…

A recent study done by Apollo Technical showed that over 20% of career-changers did so because they wanted to pursue their interests in a different field. The job market is growing so rapidly, it's no surprise people want to take what they've learnt and move into something they feel more passionate about.

For example, take someone who has worked for 4 years in marketing as a digital marketer and wants to get into Tech sales as a sales development representative. You might be thinking that they’re under-qualified but remember they have a proven track record of “selling” media to people, creating campaigns that gain traction and presenting that back paired with analytics to a board of managers and executives… Sound familiar?

The tech world is a non-stop whirlpool of updates and changes, in fact, 90% of the World's data was generated in the last 3 years, so sometimes a fresh set of eyes is exactly what your company needs - Someone who can bring alternate theories or ideas to help grow your team.

A candidate who has previous experience in other roles brings a different view than someone fresh out of University or someone who has only ever worked in one field. Don't get us wrong, those people are still amazing, but bringing a level of maturity only found from being a “career-changer” is something that shouldn't be ruled out.

By opening up the talent pool and welcoming people who have a diverse range of experience, it gives the perfect opportunity to continue to grow your businesses in a positive, upward way.

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