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Innovative HR Tech: Companies to Watch in 2023

February 7, 2023

With the rise of remote working, it can be hard to make sure that HR stays HR and that your team have the ability to apply for leave, make enquiries and receive reviews. But it's not as simple as just heading down to Susan in the corner office anymore. So how can the world of HR keep itself afloat in the world of online communication?

These three companies are thinking ahead and getting their tech perfected now!



💰 Unknown

‘Elevating the employee experience’, that’s BambooHR’s motto. Founded in 2008, this all-in-one provides a platform to collate employees’ information and analytics into a single database.

Available as a mobile app, this database can include employee records, workflows, approvals and so much more. From scouting new employees, relaying onboarding information and keeping track of compensation and PTO, it's no shock that BambooHR’s technology is one of the most exciting in the HR Tech realm.



💰 $1.1 Billion

There is nothing worse than those final few days of the month when you are paid monthly and DailyPay is here to change that with on-demand pay.

Their service offers employees fantastic, easy-to-use benefits for financial processes. With payment processing, analytics and risk assessment tools, DailyPay has contributed to the success of big brand names such as Adecco and Vera Bradley. Having been featured in Time Magazines’ ‘Best Inventions of 2021’, it's safe to say that the revolutionising of employee payment processes is in confident hands.



💰 $697 Million

Everybody wants a completely customisable platform that can integrate with whatever style your team prefers, and that is Rippling’s standout point.

With over 500 integrations, including Microsoft Office and Slack, Rippling’s technology can work for any and all business models. If speed is what you are after, the Rippling team have your dream onboarding process. With a process that can be as quick as 90 seconds, their automated HR workflow platform is a look into the future.

With the support of these cutting-edge HR tech companies, HR professionals can stay ahead of the curve and keep their teams engaged and productive.

Interested in learning more? Feel free to reach out with your questions. We're also here to help with tech recruitment services should you need it!


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