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Embracing the Future: The UK's Flexible Working Bill

Abby Barnes
July 26, 2023

Last year, research from CIPD showed that 2 million employees left their jobs due to a lack of flexibility and not being able to juggle a career as well as everything else. The Flexible Working Bill that has just passed is estimated to give over 2 million more employees the right to request flexible working…

That means not only does this Bill passing allow for more employees to stay in jobs that last year would have been deem unsuitable to continue, due to the lack of flexibility but it means the talent pool has widened.

Elderly people, those with long term illnesses, a disability, being a carer, single parents etc they will now be considered for roles that were deemed the typical ‘9-5’ before.

So, what exactly is this Flexible Working Bill all about? Well, it's a piece of legislation that aims to give employees the right to request flexible working arrangements. This means you have the power to mould your work schedule to fit your life.

💫  You can now request flexible working from day one in any new job. It means you no longer have to be in a job for 26 weeks before asking for flexible working.

💫  You can now request two changes to your working pattern in any 12-month period. You aren't limited to one flexible working request per year anymore.

💫 Employers are now legally required to respond to your request within 2 months. You no longer have to wait 3 months for a decision on your request.

💫  Employers can no longer outright reject your flexible working requests. Instead, they must consult with you to discuss alternative arrangements

Flexible working means we can work to live, not live to work. This is such a vital step in the way the world sees working and having careers and the importance of having flexibility for people that need it.

Transforming family life flexibility

And when it comes to working families, this can be transformational! 🎉

Talking from experience, the struggle of trying to fit a full days work in when you have a child at nursery who is on set hours and needs you to be there on time, is hard!

We know working dads are less likely to ask for flexible working, and when they do ask, they are less likely to have their request approved.  This is helping to normalise the request of flexible working. It can help dads to be equal parents. It could be a huge step in the right direction for gender equality.

Choosing where you work

Flexible working isn't just about adjusting your hours; it's also about choosing where you work. We can now swap the office for your home offices or your favourite coffee shop. Working in an environment that suits you can boost your creativity and productivity – win-win!

The UK government recognises the importance of work-life balance and how flexible working can benefit both employees and businesses alike. They're championing a more inclusive and supportive work culture, and we're here for it!

Of course, every story has its challenges, and implementing this bill is no exception. There might be some industries or roles where flexible working isn't as straightforward, but the good news is that the conversation has begun. Employers are opening up to the idea, and with more support, the possibilities are endless.

It’s your time to speak up

To ensure this bill has the desired effect we want to see, we need everyone to speak up and ask for the changes they need. We need to build a culture in work of this being normalised and employers understanding that this benefits everyone and not just the odd few…

🚀  Approach your employer with a well-thought-out plan that highlights the benefits of flexible arrangements for both you and the company.

🚀  Show them how you'll maintain productivity and keep up the excellent work, even with a bit more flexibility in your schedule.

🚀  When you demonstrate that it's a win-win situation, you're more likely to get the green light.

So, here's to embracing the future of work – a future that's flexible, supportive, and understanding of our diverse needs!

Abby Barnes
Executive Assistant & Operations Executive

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