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Unleash Your Sales Superpowers: How to Nail Sales Interview Questions

Abby Barnes
June 20, 2023
So, you've landed an interview in the exciting world of sales! Now, it's time to prepare and show them what you've got. Don't worry, we've got your back. Here, we'll share some insider tips to help you rock your sales interview and increase your chances of landing that dream sales job.

1. Get to Know the Company:

Before you walk into that interview room (or virtual interview room on Zoom!), do your homework on the company.

Dive deep into their products, services, target market, and even check out their competitors. Understanding their mission, values, and company culture will help you tailor your answers to align with their expectations. Plus, you can impress them by bringing up recent news or updates about the organisation during the interview.

2. Master the Sales Process:

Sales interviews often touch on your sales approach and understanding of the sales process.

Refresh your knowledge on different sales methodologies e.g. MEDDICC, N.E.A.T selling, SNAP selling as well as consultative selling, solution selling, or even challenger selling. Be ready to talk about how you've applied these strategies in your previous roles and highlight any shining moments where you closed those challenging deals. Knowing your way around the sales process will make you shine during the interview.

Here is a great website to refresh your memory.

3. Results Speak Louder:

Sales is all about results, so make sure you have some great examples to hand. Talk about how you've met or exceeded sales targets and share specific examples of your impact on revenue growth as well as the companies involved, stakeholders and sales cycles.

Quantify your achievements using numbers, percentages, and metrics to demonstrate your success. Highlight these accomplishments using the STAR method: Situation, Task, Action, Result. It's like telling a story that demonstrates your problem-solving skills, negotiation abilities, and communication style.

But remember, it's not just about the numbers; employers also value integrity and exceptional customer service. Show them that you're not just focused on closing deals; you're all about building lasting relationships.

4. Problem-Solving Guru:

Sales professionals often face challenges that require quick thinking and adaptability. Use the interview as a chance to highlight your problem-solving skills. Share instances of how you've bounced back from setbacks, learned from failures, and kept pushing forward.

Let your resourcefulness, creativity, and resilience shine through as you explain how you found solutions to customer problems.

Employers want to see that you can adapt to changing circumstances and turn challenges into opportunities.

A huge part of the interview is about asking questions too. Some great ones that will help your understand more about the role and business you are applying for -

  • Will I have target accounts?
  • What industry verticals will I be targeting?
  • What sales quotas do you expect from this position?
  • What will the KPIs be?
  • Who is the highest performer on the team and why?
  • How do you train new hires about your product/services?
  • Which traits do the most successful members of this team possess?
  • Where do you get your leads? What's the process like after the leads have been obtained?
  • What sales tools do you use? e.g. ZoomInfo, SalesLoft, Jimminy, LinkedIn Navigator etc.

In a sales interview, it's not just about what you say; it's about how you demonstrate your sales skills. By nailing your communication, showcasing your relationship-building abilities, highlighting your problem-solving expertise, focusing on results, and highlighting your resilience, you'll leave a lasting impression on potential employers. Show them your way of working and what makes you stand out and watch those job offers roll in!

Abby Barnes
Executive Assistant & Operations Executive

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