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Top Tips For Hiring Sales Talent in Fraud Tech in 2023

Claudia Gasson
May 11, 2023

As technology continues to advance, businesses are facing new and evolving threats when it comes to fraud. This is especially true in the world of sales, where fraudsters are constantly finding new ways to deceive and cheat businesses out of their hard-earned profits.

To combat these threats, companies need to have top-notch fraud detection technology in place. But even the most advanced technology is only as good as the people using it. That's why hiring the right sales talent in fraud tech is critical for businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

So, what should businesses be looking for when hiring sales talent in fraud tech in 2023?

Traits to keep in mind when hiring sales talent in Fraud Tech in 2023:

  1. Technical expertise: Sales professionals in fraud tech need to have a deep understanding of the technology they're selling. This means they should be able to explain the ins and outs of the product or service they're offering in a way that's easy for non-technical stakeholders to understand.
  2. Adaptability: Fraudsters are constantly changing their tactics, which means that fraud detection technology needs to be constantly evolving as well. Sales professionals in this space need to be able to keep up with these changes and adapt quickly to new situations.
  3. Strong communication skills: Sales professionals in fraud tech need to be able to communicate with a variety of stakeholders, from technical teams to business leaders. This means they need to be able to explain complex technical concepts in a way that's easy for non-technical stakeholders to understand.
  4. Knowledge of the industry: Fraud detection technology is used in a variety of industries, from finance to e-commerce. Sales professionals in fraud tech should have a strong understanding of the industry they're selling into and be able to speak to the specific pain points that businesses in that industry face.
  5. Problem-solving skills: Fraud detection technology is all about solving complex problems. Sales professionals in this space need to be able to think creatively and come up with solutions that meet their clients' needs.

By keeping these tips in mind and looking for sales talent with the right combination of technical expertise, adaptability, communication skills, industry knowledge, and problem-solving skills, businesses can find the right people to help them stay ahead of the curve when it comes to fraud detection technology in 2023.

When it comes to selecting the right individuals, it's crucial to be able to assess top talent throughout the interview process.

So here's my top tips on how to assess sales talent in tech:

  1. Ask about their sales targets and achievements against these. Have they hit quota?
  2. Ask about their average deal values and how many deals they closed in the last year. Does this add up to what they're telling you?
  3. Ask them to walk you through a deal they have closed recently from initial outreach to close. Do you sell into retail? Ask them about a retail client they have closed in previous roles. You'll understand exactly how they contributed (or didn't) to the deal. Ask about a deal relevant to your business.
  4. Ask them about the biggest mistake they have made in their career to date. The best candidates will take a STAR approach to this (situation, task, action and result). They should outline what went wrong and how they overcame these obstacles.
  5. Ask them for 2x references on the call. Then follow this with a question around what they think they will say about them. Ask, "what will they say your biggest strengths are?" and "what are your biggest weaknesses". This makes them think outside of their head and conscious if you do references, they will need to be in line with what you will ask their references in the future!

Claudia Gasson
Director, Ortus Talent

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